Discovering Your Dream Kitchen: What to Look for in a Bespoke Kitchen Designer and Fitter

When you’re looking to invest in a new kitchen, it is essential to take your time and choose the right company. After all, they will be responsible for creating an environment that you will be spending countless hours!
To ensure that you get the best value for your money and a kitchen tailored to your needs, here are some key points to bear in mind when selecting a bespoke kitchen designer and installation company.

Experience is key  

Look for a kitchen design and installation company that has plenty of experience in creating beautiful kitchens.

Ask yourself are they well-established? How long have they been in the bespoke kitchen design & fit business?

Consider the experience of the designer as well as their ability to listen to your needs and plan accordingly. It is essential to find a professional who can create a space that meets both your aesthetic desires and functional needs.

At Downs Brothers in Bristol, we have been designing and installing all types of bespoke kitchens and bathrooms for all styles of properties for over 50 years. In that time we have built up a strong reputation for going above and beyond on each project. We consider ourselves kitchen experts, and we take pride in every job we do.

Good Communication

Never underestimate the importance of the art of communication when it comes to finding your perfect kitchen design and fit company. It’s essential that there is good communication and that your needs and requirements are fully taken on board. Without good communication on both sides, your expectations may not be met, and the results could be disappointing. 

Equally important is that you also listen to what your kitchen designer has to say. They have the knowledge and years of experience and creative ideas that can truly transform any space. 

Your kitchen designer will understand how important it is for the space to be both functional and beautiful and they'll know how to create a layout that not only looks great but also works well with your lifestyle choices. They'll also be able to advise you what will work and won't work in the space that you have, and make alternative suggestions.

So, whether you need more counter space or additional storage solutions, they will make sure every aspect of the design is taken into consideration before anything else. Furthermore, they can help you save money in the long run by suggesting materials and appliances that are both cost-effective and durable.



A good kitchen designer will come up with ideas and suggestions for space planning and materials and will bring their own creative flair to each project.

From choosing the right appliances to creating eye-catching, yet functional lighting, kitchen designers know how to make a statement while ensuring a functional layout.

At Downs Brothers Bristol, our passion for creating beautiful and functional kitchen spaces is what drives us. We love what we do, and our goal is to always to provide the best customer service possible. 

Past Projects

Any reputable kitchen designer and fitter will want to show prospective customers their work! So, don’t be afraid to ask to see their portfolio of past and ongoing projects, as well as references from previous customers.

If you have time, it’s worth asking to see some kitchens that the company has designed and fitted, in the flesh, because sometimes pictures don’t always tell the full story. Also, you’ll be able to speak to their previous clients too which can help provide valuable insight into the kind of service they offer.

At Downs Brothers Bristol we are so proud of our level of workmanship that we are more than happy to show you our portfolio and get previous customer references for you. 

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends

One of the most difficult aspects of choosing a kitchen is down to how much choice is on the market! Do you go for a traditional shaker-style kitchen or an uber trendy handle-less glossy number? And, do you even know what styles of kitchens are out there? This is where you should expect to rely on your kitchen designer because a good one will be in the know about all of the latest kitchen trends and materials. 

When it comes to the kitchen design and installation business, Downs Brothers Bristol has got our fingers on the pulse! We stay up-to-date with all the latest trends in the industry so that you don't have to. You can rest assured that no matter what new trend is rolling around, we are at the forefront of keeping you informed and equipped.


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