Exciting Bathroom Transformation for an Independent Lifestyle!

Picture this: Our elderly customer was longing for the freedom to live independently in her own home. But there was one obstacle standing in her way—a seemingly ordinary bath that had turned into a barrier, making her bathing time a challenge. 

Enter Downs Brothers, Bristol - a highly reputable company with over 50 years of experience in bathroom and kitchen design and fitting as well as adapting homes to make them more accessible for comfortable living!  
Our mission: to turn this ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary oasis of accessibility and luxury. Our customer's dream was to have a level access shower wet room, and sleek lever taps on her sink basin. 
We weren't just building a bathroom; we were crafting a new chapter of her life.  


Among a sea of 30 local companies, our customer handpicked us—the best of the best—to start our magic. And so, with great excitement and anticipation, we set to work. 

Like the experts that we are, we carefully removed the bath, only to discover hidden obstacles—the boiler and kitchen pipes lurking behind the bath panel. But no challenge could deter us. We rerouted the pipework, boxing it in to keep it protected. 

By demolishing the floor, we made way for the pre-formed shower tray, which had to be perfectly flush to provide the ultimate level access experience. As masters of accessibility, we laid water-resistant plywood, elevating the floor to meet the shower tray with exact precision. 

Safety was our guiding star, and we sought only the best for our beloved customer. Premium, non-slip vinyl flooring—courtesy of our skilled floor-fitter, Craig from Southwest Flooring—was gently laid, creating a secure and safe surface that our customer can walk on with confidence.   


We didn't stop there! Our masters got to work and expertly laid the magnificent tiles with great precision. Next, the Mira shower and waterproof lighting had to be installed, and who better to join us than Darren Kew from Kew Electrical Solutions, Bristol. This wasn’t just a bathroom after all, it was a dream turned into reality! 

As the finishing touches of care and thoughtfulness, we added grabrails and a delightful dropdown seat, supplied by AKW, allowing our customer safety and comfort during her bathing rituals. The toilet and sink were carefully re-installed, and we installed the basin with easy-to-use lever taps. 

But our dedication did not stop at the renovations; we ventured above and beyond, washing down walls and ceilings that had been tainted by stubborn mould. We finished off with a fresh coat of paint at no extra cost- a little extra touch to brighten our customers day!  

If you, too, dream of liberation and independence in your home, reach out to us—the home transformation experts! Connect with us through our contact form below or give us a call at 01275 834382. 



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