Upscale Kitchen Refurbishment in Stockwood

What our customer wanted: 

Building on our successful bathroom refurbishment for a delighted couple in Stockwood, Downs Brothers was entrusted once again to breathe new life into their home. This time, our skilled team took on the task of revitalising their kitchen and utility room, including the installation of new contemporary units, redecoration, and the elegant touch of vinyl click flooring throughout.

What we did

Swift Start: We wasted no time, efficiently removing the outdated kitchen units while ensuring the washing machine remained operational, as requested by our customers. 
Electrical Expertise:  To accommodate our customers' needs, our trusted electrician Darren Kew installed additional plug sockets, along with the relocation of existing ones and new wiring for the cooker.
Flawless Foundations: With the electrical work completed, we skillfully plastered the kitchen and utility room walls and ceiling, achieving a flawless canvas so we could get to work redecorating the rooms. 
Luxurious Finishes: Next, our proficient team meticulously laid the stunning Herringbone vinyl click flooring, ensuring its pristine condition with a protective cover. This set the stage for the installation of the kitchen units and subsequent decorative enhancements.
Marble Magic: Our clients selected exquisite marble worktops, which demanded precise measurements. 
Reinforced Support: To accommodate the desired undermount sink, providing a sleek and sophisticated touch, we diligently provided additional structural support to the unit. This ensured the durability and stability required, given the weight of the sink when filled with water and dishes.
Perfecting the Details: With the marble worktops securely in place, we added the final touches, including a sleek glass splashback behind the hob, elegant taps, and a stylish bookshelf, elevating the overall aesthetic.

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