The Best Disability Adaptations for your kitchen and bathroom

If you’re elderly or disabled and finding it difficult living in your home, then don’t worry because Downs Brothers based in Bristol can adapt your kitchen and bathroom for comfortable and safe living, so you can be independent once again.

Wet Room

Regular shower rooms are generally not suited to people with mobility issues for a number of reasons. Shower trays and cubicles that are raised above floor level and require to be stepped into can pose a potential trip hazard for those unable to move around freely or with poor eyesight. They’re also not practical if you’re a wheelchair user because of the limited space in the cubicle area. Showers that stand over a bath can also be dangerous, as they require you to climb in over the side meaning you could lose your balance and slip over.  Baths that you have to climb into pose the same slip risk.

Wet Rooms are increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst our elderly and disabled customers because of the safety aspect of its features, such as floor-to-ceiling non-slip tiles, wheelchair-friendly level access showers, grab rails, anti-slip flooring, and mats, fold-down and floating shower seats, lowered basins, raised WC units, and LED sensor lights that switch on automatically when you enter the room. All of these features remove dangerous hazards to the elderly and those with limited mobility, that a usual bathroom would have, meaning that you can relax and enjoy bathing again. 

All our wet rooms are built to match your exact requirements by our team of experienced and skilled Wet Room specialists in Bristol. Contact us today and we'll be happy to have a chat with you. 

Walk-in bath

If you’ve got mobility issues and find using a regular bath a problem, then a walk-in bath is the ideal choice. 

The main difference between a regular bath and a walk-in bath is that walk-in baths have a door, and as the name suggests, you simply walk in instead of climbing over the side.

Walk-in baths also have a built-in seat so you can easily walk in and sit down, taking away the need for you to lower yourself into the bath which can be difficult if you don't have the strength in your arms to do so. 

There are many different types of walk-in baths to choose from and you can pick the size and style. If you’re a bit short of space, you can opt for a smaller size walk-in bath. And, if you fancy something a bit more luxurious, then why not choose a jacuzzi walk-in bath, for the ultimate relaxation.

If you’re not sure which walk-in bath is the best one for you, our friendly team of disability home adaptations experts is on hand to answer any questions you may have to help you decide.


Wheelchair-friendly and Walk-in Showers 

An open level-access shower is a perfect choice if you use a wheelchair because you can simply wheel yourself in and exit the shower without the need for any assistance, putting you in control and giving you independence.  

Wheelchair-friendly showers either don’t have a shower tray, or have one channeled into the floor, so you can move around freely without hitting any edges.

We can install a drop-down seat or a floating seat, grab rails, and emergency pull cords, to give you the comfort and safety that you need when washing.

And if you find turning the dial or pushing the buttons on a shower a problem, then we have a range of adapted showers or you may want to consider a digitally controlled shower, so you can set the temperature before you get in meaning no need for fiddling around with dials or buttons.  


Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip flooring in your bathroom and/or kitchen is the best way to reduce the risks of falls and injuries caused by slipping over on a wet surface. Non-slip safety mats are also available that can be used inside and outside of the shower to provide added safety.

Non-slip flooring doesn’t have to be boring. With a wide range to choose from, you can have style and safety!

Bath Lift/Bath Seat

If you don’t like the idea of a walk-in bath that you sit up in, then a bath lift is worth considering. Bath lifts are designed for those people who prefer a more traditional soak in the tub but find it difficult to get in and out of the bath safely. The bath lift is operated via a water-safe remote control that operates a motor to gently lower you in and out of the tub.

Bath lifts and seats are ideal if you have limited strength and movement but want to retain your privacy and independence when washing.

Comfortable height toilet

If you're elderly or don’t have the strength in your legs or knees, then you may find the movement of squatting down to use a normal height toilet a struggle. Or, if you use a wheelchair you may find it difficult to move from a seated position onto a low-level WC.

A comfortable height WC can make going to the toilet much easier as it takes away the need for sitting lower down and it's also easier to move from a wheelchair to the toilet and back again. 

Wall Hanging and lowered kitchen units

Wall hung and lowered kitchen units are designed for wheelchair users who are unable to use normal height worktops because they are too high and make food prep virtually impossible. Lowering the units to wheelchair height or the height that you need is a simple solution to this.

Wall hung units and worktops are ideal especially because they don’t have the plinth that gives adequate space underneath to fit a wheelchair, so you can sit there comfortably and whip up your favorite dish.  

Mid-height slide-out oven

Having a low-level oven means that you have to bend down, open the door to put your food in. For the less mobile, elderly, and people who use a wheelchair, this can be problematic. 

A mid-height takes away the need for bending over which could lead to a fall, and the slide-out oven door means you don’t need the strength or ability to open a heavy door it. The oven door also acts as a shelf which is an ideal place to put food on before moving it to the worktops for dishing up.

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